Holiday De-Clutter Package

Its that time of the year again... Are you and your house ready? If not help is here... 6 hours of consultation and hands-on organizing

Normally $600 value
Discounted to $400
Limited Time Offer Good Only Through December 15

Is your home ready for the holidays?

Can you open the guest room door?
Is your living area more suited to a playgroup than a family gathering?
Do you know where your turkey baster is?

With my 6-hour De-Clutter package I can help you de-stress before your guests arrive. You'll be organized, sorted, happy and ready to shine for the Holiday Season.

For more information visit www.clutterbegone.net or call Caren at 303-578-6743

Prepare for Packing in a Wildfire Emergency

6 hours of consultation and hands-on organizing
Normally $600
Limited time offer through August 15 $450

The summer wildfires have thankfully missed the homes of Boulder County, but with the drought continuing the threat is ever present. Are you ready to go at a moment's notice? For most of us the answer is no. Do you know where your important documents are? Are your personal and/or home office files in order? Do you have a checklist of the valuable and irreplaceable items that you would take with you? How about a full inventory of the contents of your home?

With my 6-hour Emergency Preparation Package, I can help you have better peace of mind, knowing that you're organized and prepared for an efficient evacuation.

Services can include helping you to:

Organize important papers and documents
Take inventory the contents of the home
Purge what you don't need-get rid of extra papers and shred documents
Develop a checklist of things to pack should the phone call come
Create a "ready bag" in case you have to leave at a moment's notice

Relocation packages also available - please inquire for details.

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