Caren, thanks so much for calling the other day to see how the move went, I’ve been telling everyone I know how helpful and fantastic you were in helping me with the relocation. I definitely want to hire you to organize my boyfriend’s home office.

Stacy – Editorial Director, Elite Traveler Magazine

I spoke with Melissa she’s thrilled with the way her kitchen turned out; she’s actually able to find things. As you probably noticed she was very stressed by the kitchen; it’s a huge relief for her to have it together. Thanks so much for taking care of her for me.

Jean – President, JM Group

An excellent service, It can make a major difference in your life. She’s amazing. For me she was an invaluable source and worth every penny plus!

Gabrielle – Account Manager

I’m a pile maker and had too much stuff, and no where to put it. She made our apartment and my office livable and workable again. What an amazing gift.

Joshua – Lawyer

People don’t eliminate clutter to get space in their house as much as they do to get it in their lives. She comes in, and within hours you see your problem start to disappear. Working with Caren was like watching a miracle take place. She was a sheer delight!

Harriet – Wife & Mother

Caren helped me find my inner neat freak! She turned my cluttered storage room into a polished, productive and professional office. I have been working with Caren for over 5 years, and she continues to impress me with her creative ideas for organizing and her design advice.

Deena – Business Consultant

Caren’s “Clutter Be Gone,” no nonsense approach to organizing is a lifesaver for busy women everywhere! She partners with her clients to create workable and friendly storage that makes sense. And as much as I dreaded it… because of Caren it was fun, too! She is turning my studio apartment in NYC into an efficient space and clutter free place.

Trish - The Edventures Group International

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